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Turnaround Timeline

Average Turnaround Timeline:

  • Custom Design: 1-2 Business Days for Initial Proof

  • Revisions to Initial Proof: 1 Business Day Each Set of Revisions

  • Printing: 3-5 Business Days after Final Print Approval from Client

  • Mail House Services: 2-3 Business Days

  • Trucking/Shipping: See Shipping Chart Below

  • Delivery by USPS: See Below

USPS Mail Delivery: At present, the USPS does not guarantee a delivery time for any of its standard mail including first class. We will make every effort to time the trucking of your mail to its USPS Sectional Facility for your desired in the home delivery window. However, we cannot assume responsibility for the early or late delivery of mail. Please budget anywhere from a 1-7 day delivery window, with a 2-4 day average delivery window in most cases. *States such as Alaska and Hawaii can be longer.

Additional Holiday Turnaround:
Please be advised that during the Political, Easter, and Christmas seasons, our standard design and printing turnaround time MAY be extended by an additional (1-2) one-two business days due to an increase in volume. Please check with your marketing consultant on the current schedule.


Trucking/Shipping: Most mailers are shipped freight (ready to mail) to the USPS sectional facility closest to your mailing area. Please see the map below to estimate trucking time. The day your mailer ships does not count as a shipping day. Holiday trucking: Trucking will be suspended on the Friday before holiday weekends and will resume the following Monday. Trucking will be suspended for the day on any weekday holiday. Please budget your time accordingly.

Calculate your Trucking Transit:

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