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A Direct From the Source - Full Service Direct Mail Marketing Company

Customer Service is not DEAD
For the same price the big-box stores charge, we give you the advantages of a full-service direct mail marketing company. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to develop your target market and produce a marketing campaign that will grab attention, engage your audience, and make them actually respond. You may have your own marketing department, but still want a one-on-one relationship with a company that will handle the print and mail side completely for you. If so, The Direct Mail Agency is for you. We’ll guarantee your timely delivery, and you’ll have your own marketing consultant whom you can reach any time to check the status of your order.

Doing It Right
Sadly, I often see businesses make futile attempts at what they feel is marketing, but the return on their investments is generally dismal. They may be uneducated on the science of direct mail marketing. Sometimes they choose a generic template to save a few bucks, and sometimes they don’t realize they can get professional help for the same price they spent doing the work themselves. Marketing is not a guessing game; it is a science and art. It can be as simple as following a set of guidelines to ensure maximum success, or as complex as hiring focus groups and national polling centers.


Don't Miss the Most Important Success Factor
Every effective marketing campaign has one thing in common; it offers benefits and provides value! Coca-Cola tells us that if we drink their product we will “be happy”, McDonald’s has convinced us “we deserve a break today”, and the jewelry industry has us roped into believing that if we give a diamond, it will be “forever”.  Don't let your message get lost through ineffective communication.


Let Us do the Heavy Lifting
We do it all for you. From design to mailing, we will get your mailing done in as little as 4 days. We take care of the design, the lists, the printing, addressing, sorting, all the postal paperwork, and mail to your customers. It’s that easy!

COO - John Squiric

Our Story


The Direct Mail Agency is the solo mail arm of DFW's largest independently owned publishing enterprise.
You get the resources and expertise of a group of shared mail advertising magazines, a digital marketing agency, a large solo mail division exclusively for churches nationwide, a manufacturing and mailing facility that services our own companies as well as some of the largest printers and mailers in the country, and a world-class graphic design department

The Direct Mail Agency has been dedicated and successful in helping businesses grow with Direct Mail since 1988. We work with businesses large and small, all across the country. Because of this extensive background, we have learned a few things about direct mail marketing, and we strive to use what we have learned every day to get you the best possible results at the lowest prices. 
Our Promise
Our commitment to you is one of excellence, complete honesty, integrity, and professional service.
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